See the difference


" It takes 20 sessions to see the difference"

- Jospeh Pilates 



SEE THE DIFFERENCE (STD) - 12 week Package


Creating a Stellar body you love being in doesn't just happen by chance, it takes conscious effort and time. Quoting Joseph Pilates, it takes at least 20 sessions to see the difference.

The See the Difference packaged was designed to help you not only learn new ways to move and work with your body and mind, but to ingrain and embody these changes into your life and to SEE the difference.

We will first establish your current situation and discuss your goals in the Pre-evaluation session.  To help you with the implementation of your goals you will not only have 20 private sessions tailored to your needs, you will also get additional resources (exercises, supporting documents) in your private client portal for you to work on in between your 20 private sessions. Finally we will close off and celebrate your wins in the post evaluation session. 

Are you truly ready to transform into the person receiving your next level and you are coachable and ready to do the work? 


 This Package consists of:

  • Private client portal
  • Pre- evaluation session (20 min)
  • 20 x private online sessions (55 min)
  • Additional supportive exercises for in between sessions
  • Supporting videos, documents etc (as per individual need)
  • Post evaluation session (20 min)


  • Postural class (30 min)
  • Morning movement sequence (recorded video)


I treasure your commitment of time, energy, and dedication more than anything and together we will work for 12 weeks with a holistic approach to reprogram your mind and body and transform your life. 


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