The Pilates Method is a system of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. As "Joe" believed that mental and physical health are interrelated, they are intended to strengthen the mind and body, and are structured in a certain order, where one exercise builds on the next.  Us humans function best when there is a structure and order in our learning, just like it’s  better to learn to walk before you learn to run and you get dressed before you go out the door -preferably. The system is also based on several principles - coordination, strength, flexibility, alignment, focus, centering and flow-  which are dependant on each other; strength with flexibility, alignment in flexibility and so on. 

 What you learn with doing Pilates is applicable to anything else you do, from mundane things like hanging up your laundry and putting your socks on, to your everyday posture, to how you are practicing sports, to preventing and overcoming injuries,  even to getting mental flexibility and clarity, because the state of your body will influence the state of your mind and being.

 When you become conscious of the way you move and how to optimise it, your life will be transformed. 

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