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Stellar Body


A Stellar body is free to move and allows you to do the things you want, you enjoy and dream about achieving -effortlessly.

Creating a Stellar Body doesn't mean spending hours in the gym. It doesn't require working out more.

....It requires working IN...

You will need to use your mind to work with your body to set some structures and foundations in place. You will have to dive deep and retrain your mind and body.

But how will that get you the strong, flexible, fit, lean and beautiful body you are dreaming of? 


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You are not just anybody


While we are all human beings and some principles do apply to all of us, you have your own unique vehicle that is made up of your genes, memories and habits you have to work with.

If there was a "one size fits all" solution, wouldn't we all be happy and healthy?

You probably wouldn't be on this page right now looking for answers.

There is so much information out there, so many strategies, fitness programs, classes and advice, yet you are wondering if any of it would actually work for you. You may have lost trust in your ability to get long-lasting results.

What if you were shown the way to work consciously with your unique body and someone was to guide you in doing what is right for you?


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As your trainer my job is to help you rebuild your strength, flexibility and body awareness from the inside out.  That's why I will develop a completely unique and custom approach depending on the specific needs and goals you have.

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Hi, I’m Marjolein


Besides being a mom, wife and entrepreneur, I have spent a lifetime learning about movement.

I see a lot of hardworking women who want to be fit, who want to feel well and confident, but who deep down feel their bodies are working against them. 


I'm here to tell you that there are different ways to work with your body.


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Marjolein Elvers

"I came across Marjolein after few years of my fitness journey when I was not really happy with how my body felt and how it looked. I was bulky, I was stiff and I felt weak, even though I looked strong.

She transformed my body the way I could only dream of before.

I am finally strong with great flexibility , I can enjoy everyday activities without any pain or strain in my body. I now move with ease." 

mum of twins
 I was bulky, I was stiff and I felt weak, even though I looked strong.