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Hi, I am Marjolein 


I am a multi-disciplinary coach and ex-professional ballerina who, besides being a wife, mom and entrepreneur has spent a lifetime learning about movement.

I bring over 35 years of training and extensive experience in teaching Pilates, Yoga, Kids yoga, Ballet, Progressive Ballet Technique and Barre for my client's success.

I have lived, worked and studied in Holland, US, UK, Belgium, Australia and the UAE.

This multi-cultural and multi faceted history adds the intrinsic quality to my work with a variety of clients.

I have created several signature classes and programs, such as Story yoga, Creative Ballet, Ballet Barre and now Stellar Body.

marjolein elvers

  And I believe ....



We know that the Universe keeps on expanding , and on a micro level our cells are always in motion.

Even if we hold ourselves still, sit in meditation or sleep, our miraculous cells continue to express, communicate, regenerate...


Professional Ballet


As a child I sensed this movement of life so strongly I could never sit still. I was looking for ways to shape this awe- inspiring energy into form. I could often be found either dancing, hanging upside down or putting my body into (what I realise now) yoga-type poses. I just knew that how I aligned or moved my body would influence the way this energy would flow.

My journey really took off when I got into professional ballet school at age 10 in my home country The Netherlands. I loved the discipline of practicing hours a day;

I understood that focus and repetition would lead to effortless grace.

At age 16, I was invited on a scholarship to study at one of the top ballet schools in the world; the School of American Ballet in New York.

From there on I danced professionally with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and later with the Royal Ballet of Flanders in Belgium.

Marjolein Elvers ballet
 And I believe ballet taught me....

Qualities of Ballet 


Dedication, Discipline, Methodology, Grace, Flow, Alignment, Precision, the body as your instrument, growth mindset



A life of learning


You could say up until then my life was a little girls' dream come true, but an injury brought an abrupt end to my dancing career, and to what I thought was my calling.

I had to learn to move into a different live. 

First I spent a handful of years working in the corporate world, and experienced moving up the ladder. I married my husband and for his job we moved countries another 4 times and traveled to many different places in the world. We had 3 kids and I became a full-time mum. 

But, no matter what was going on in my life, movement always remained my passion and go-to. I kept on practicing Pilates and yoga , which I was introduced to during my dancing days, and I never stopped exploring and learning more.

It was movement that supported me and helped me overcome many changes.


Change happens through movement

And movement heals 


"Joseph Pilates"



I never dreamt of becoming a teacher a coach, until I became a mom and realized the importance of sharing knowledge,

and the chance to positively impact someones life.

I obtained a multitude of teacher certifications in Pilates, Yoga, Kids yoga, Progressive Ballet Technique and Barre. 

In this last decade I have been fortunate to teach many children and adults

it’s my passion to help others find effortless movement, this freedom in the body through mindful and conscious practice ;

To create a Stellar Body♦



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